Crew Change and New Adventures

Sojourner heads off to new adventures!

Sojourner heads off to new adventures!

It is with very mixed emotions that we announce a change in crew for Sojourner.   She now belongs to Barry and Barbara and will be cruising out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. We wish them many great times on this very special vessel!

For five years, almost to the day, Sojourner was the central focus of our lives, and we had the adventure of a lifetime aboard her!!  As two academics who had never owned a boat before, we had not a clue about what awaited us on that summer day in 2008 when we boarded her for our first cruise.  We certainly had no idea of the challenges we would face, how much we would learn, or how much fun we would have on what quickly became a life-altering, grand adventure!  Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by our time on Sojourner, and we will remember always the incredible sights and sounds we encountered, and we will treasure always the many, special people whose lives touched ours along the way.

In this last posting, we now check off “living on a boat, long range cruising, and the Great Loop” and turn our attention to the many other items still on our Bucket List!

We hope you have enjoyed “Sojourner’s Sea Stories!!  Thanks cruising along with Sojourner and us on our great adventure!!

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